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Vocal Style:  

Enthusiastic, Sweet yet alluring, Cute, Sexy; Natural American accent or 'Southern Belle';  
Can put on a British accent 
(particularly West Country)
Vocal Age Range: Teen, 20's, 30's
Language: English
Audio Formats:  MP3, WAV
Payment Method: Bank Transfer preferred but PayPal available
Average Turnaround: 3 days
Location:  UK - both Bristol/Bath area and Plymouth
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union


Sarah is a 21 year old American currently living in the UK while studying at University. Sarah's voice is natural, confident and enthusiastically sweet yet alluring and sexy.

Sarah is ideal to be used in the radio/TV promo and advertising market as her voice is so upbeat and ear-catching - there aren't many young female American voiceovers living in the UK!

Although Sarah's voice has no noticeable locatable accent, having lived in Dallas Texas most of her life allows her to quite easily simulate a southern 'belle' accent!

Previous experience includes doing station ID's and a promo for a local radio station in Plymouth; the morning show was giving away a top prize to go a movie Premier in London and the producer thought that Sarah's fresh voice would catch the audiences attention.

The producer said she was a 'natural', very easy going, versatile and fun to work with, and suggested she set up a website to promote her voice.

Clients Include : 97 FM Plymouth Sound (part of the GWR group - www.koko.com)

Special Skills : Very versitile - brilliant for radio and TV advertising, promotions, narrations or station idents. Natural American or 'Southern Belle' accent. British (particularly Westcountry) can also be performed.

Store Last Updated: 12th August 2003

  Duration Broadcast Non-Broadcast
  30sec & below Flexible Flexible
  31sec 60sec  Flexible Flexible
  61sec 120sec  Flexible Flexible
  Above 2 min. to 5 min. Flexible Flexible
  Above 5 min. to 10 min. Flexible Flexible
  Every additional minute 
  above 10 min.
Flexible Flexible

Others: I'm more interested in gaining experience and getting established
then setting rates for myself, however knowing people in the industry 
I'm aware of the average 'going rates' and what is/isn't acceptable.

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