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Paul Strikwerda

The friendly European voice of reason


 Voice Over Talent Summary
Vocal Age Range: 30s to 50s
Language: American English, Dutch, British English
Audio Formats: MP3, AIFF, WAV
Payment Method: Paypal, Check
Average Turnaround: 24 hours or less
Location: PA, USA
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Vocal Style:

Sophisticated, versatile, Baritone, professional, corporate, warm, friendly, clear, accents, confident, enthusiastic, dynamic, pleasant, sincere, knowledgeable, compassionate, believable, compassionate, informative

TV or Radio Commercials, Narrator, Announcer, Promo, Dialogue and Conversation, Software, CD-ROM and Multimedia, Games, Presentations, AudioBook, Voice for Website, Character, Impersonation, Storyteller, Moods, Spokesperson, Telephone-On-Hold, IVR, Voicemail, Singing, Training, Educational and Instructional, Medical, Technology, Financial, Political, In-Store Announcements


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Voice Over Talent Description

Paul Strikwerda has a solid background in international broadcasting and has worked for the BBC, American Public Radio and Dutch National and International Radio.

Companies like Novartis, DuPont, Wyeth and Merrill Lynch use his voice for a variety of projects. Paul also records e-Learning programs for the United Nations and Audio Books that have found a worldwide audience.

Producers pick Paul when they need a sincere and clear voice that sounds neither all-American nor totally British. That’s why they sometimes call him the “Euro-Guy”. And if you’re looking for a 100% accent-free US-based Dutch voice, Paul Strikwerda is the go-to talent.

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Voice Over Talent Testimonials

"Paul is a true professional and a helluva good guy! He's made every project a satisfactory experience: He shows up prepared, on-time, and asks all the right questions before we even get in the studio. Once recording, there is rarely an error and his delivery is almost always spot on. Paul is one of the few people in this business that actually make my job EASIER because of the few mistakes made and the minimal coaching needed. I look forward to our next project together!"
Dave MacNeill
Producer/Project Manager

"I needed a native Dutch speaker who could read colonial poetry from the 17th century with emotion and integrity - an impossible task until I found Paul, who was not only literate himself but who was able to nail the reading perfectly with barely any assistance from me. He found the right balance of enthusiasm and subtlety - no second takes were needed. He also assisted me with the content itself - without my asking - locating background information and translations that saved me time and labor. His help was divine coincidence - it would have been impossible to complete the project without his help. His working manner is absolutely professional, proactive and courteous - an incredible resource. I intend to continue working with him on future projects." Mustafa Sakarya
Independent filmmaker

"I just wanted to let you know that both the cover and the recording of Haunted Fort Niagara exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for a wonderful job."
Robert Hilson
Haunted Fort Niagara

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Clients Include :

Agilent Technologies
Credit Suisse First Boston
ITT Corporation
JP Morgan
Merrill Lynch
Radio Netherlands
International Spoken Books Publishing
United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Special Skills :
Fluent in Dutch and German

Accents: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Hebrew, Eastern-European, British.
Paul's an international trainer of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. He sings, plays the piano and writes music.

Store Last Updated: April 27, 2009

Voice Over Talent Rates
  Duration Broadcast Non-Broadcast
  30sec & below $335
  31sec – 60sec  $335
  61sec – 120sec  $335
  Above 2 min. to 5 min. $335
  Above 5 min. to 10 min. $335
  Every additional minute 
  above 10 min.
$6 $5

Radio Commercial:
Local / Regional :
15, :30 or :60

Radio Commercial:
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago :
15, :30 or :60

Radio Commercial :
National Network :
15, :30 or :60

Radio Station Promotion / Station Imaging :
15, :30 or :60

Public Service Announcement on Radio :
15, :30 or :60

Television: Local / Regional :
15, :30 or :60

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago :
15, :30 or :60

National Network :
15, :30 or :60

Television Station Promotion / Station Imaging :
15, :30 or :60

Public Service Announcement on Television :
15, :30 or :60

Television Animation
1 hr recording session USD$125
Per finished hour of audio USD$500

Non-Broadcast Corporate, Industrial and Educational
1 hr recording session USD$125
Per finished hour of audio USD$500

Interactive Media / Multimedia
1 hr recording session USD$125
Per finished hour of audio USD$500

1 hr recording session USD$125
Per finished hour of audio USD$500
Per page rate USD$125

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Voice Demo 1

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Voice Demo 1

Dutch Demo

Voice Demo 1

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Articles I've Contributed :
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