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Voice over artist Kim Crow

Featured Voiceover Talent

Voice over artist Kim Crow

 Voice Over Talent Summary
Vocal Style:   Compelling, Classic Cashmere & Delicious Flavors.
Vocal Age Range: All
Language: American English, English, French
Audio Formats:  MP3 ~ WAV  ~ AIFF  ~ SD ~ AudioGen ~ IVR
Payment Method: PayPal ~ Visa ~ MasterCard ~ Amex ~ Discover
Average Turnaround: 36 Hours
Location:  ISDN Worldwide from Sarasota, Florida, USA.
Union/Non-Union: SAG ~ AFTRA FC ~ AEA

Voice over artist Kim Crow

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Voice Over Talent Description

Kim Crow is the voice you love to listen to
... on the radio, in your car, on TV, when you're put on hold, on a website, in the elevator, in an audio book, at the theatre, on a museum tour, at an attraction park, in a fighter plane ... on the space shuttle. Compelling, like classic cashmere.

An accomplished pro, Kim delivers your message with warmth, resonance and flavor. Adept with highly complex copy and a whiz with characterization, she delights in direction and interprets with ease. Her vocal virtuosity is matched only by an enthusiasm to make your message clearly memorable.

For more than 25 years, the greatest companies in the world keep choosing Kim Crow for their award-winning commercials, narratives, industrial presentations, IVR, voice recognition systems, telephony, animation characterizations, audio books and more.

So the next time your project needs that 'special something', sweeten it up with the voice talent of Kim Crow. She's like candy for your ear.

Kim Crow. Easy to work with. Any style, delivery, character or mood.

The Voice. The Read. The Way You Want It.
When You Want It. Guaranteed.

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Clients Include :
Kennedy Space Center ~ Media One ~ AT&T ~ IBM ~ Lexus ~ Ramses ~ Publix ~ Duracell ~ Nutrasweet ~ NASA ~ McDonnell Douglas ~ Lockheed~  Valvoline ~ Siemens ~ Columbus Museum ~ Florida Aquarium ~ The Limited ~ QR BioLife ~ Music by Opuzz.

Special Skills : Award-winning professional actress, director & copywriter. Adept with highly complex technical copy. All dialects and accents, character voices and impersonations. Website audio and voice recognition systems specialist.

Store Last Updated: October 2, 2003

Voice Over Talent Rates
  Duration Broadcast Non-Broadcast
  30sec & below $165 $75
  31sec 60sec  $165 $75
  61sec 120sec  $250 $125
  Above 2 min. to 5 min. $425 $425
  Above 5 min. to 10 min. $600 $600
  Every additional minute 
  above 10 min.
$50 $50

Note: These rates vary upon the specific project, medium and market.
Email me your copy and I'll be happy to sharpen my pencil and give
you a quote per project, per page, per running finished minute.
I guarantee your satisfaction 100%!

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Voice Demo 1

Voice Demo 2

Voice Demo 3

Voice Demo 4

Voice Demo 5

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Voice Over Talent Testimonials

"You can't do better than the legendary voice-actress Kim Crow. She can do anything."

Rick Raddatz, Founder,

"Kim, your voice over was just awesome. I was blown away. You have got a customer for life with me."

Sean McPheat

"I'm very happy with the voice work you did for us. It's unanimous - everyone loves your voice and the recording!"

G. David Lapin
Senior Loan Consultant
Hanover Mortgage Company

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Articles I've Contributed :

"So You Want to be a Voice Actor?"
by Kim Crow

Read this article

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