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Opuzz Voice Over Talent - Karen Hutton


Opuzz Voice Over Talent - Karen Hutton

 Voice Over Talent Summary
Vocal Style:   Warm, Friendly, Authoritative, Credible, Funny, Rich, Sexy, Smooth, Energetic, Wide Vocal Range, Conversational, Announcer, Distinctive
Vocal Age Range: 20's to Middle Age, character child
Language: Standard American English
Audio Formats:  MP3, WAV, AIFF, MuLaw, most any format you come up with
Payment Method: Paypal
Average Turnaround: 24 hours or less
Location:  Lake Tahoe, USA; ISDN connected worldwide!
Union/Non-Union: AFTRA, SAG, no union


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Opuzz Voice Over Talent - Karen Hutton

Voice Over Talent Description
20 years in the industry as an actor (on camera and theatre), voice actor and a voice coach (broadcast clientele nationwide).

Generally, my voice is described as warm, friendly and authoritative with a distinctive voice print. An always believable vocal quality is a specialty. One client described my voice and sound as being one that "men would like to hear and women wish they had. Every word seems spoken without effort." Ah shucks.

I'm a real sound fanatic. My pro digital ISDN studio was built by myself and a partner; drawing upon my 20 years of experience in the voice business and his 30 years as a professional live and recording musician. Sometimes, anal is good.

In addition to ISDN, I provide recording done in most any format, deliverable via my FTP site (or yours), or shipped via the courier of your choice.

I've got a wide range and versatile delivery in commercials, narrations, voice prompt/IVR, E-Learning, CD-ROM, on hold messaging and character voice projects. Professional, quick turnaround, great attitude, fun to work with.

The only downside to virtual technology is not getting to have coffee together afterwards.

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Clients Include :
Toyota, Jeep, Ford, Missouri Furniture, State Farm, CNET radio, Red Lobster Restaurants, Charles Schwab & Co. and more.

Special Skills : Warm, authoritative, conversational delivery with excellent vocal variety in narrations; conversational, real person, lower sexier range - as well as funny, character-driven commercial delivery. Mixing, editing and copywriting skills; some dialects.

Store Last Updated: September 26, 2003

Voice Over Talent Rates
  Duration Broadcast Non-Broadcast
  30sec & below $250 $180
  31sec 60sec  $325 $285
  61sec 120sec  $500 $450
  Above 2 min. to 5 min. $650 $575
  Above 5 min. to 10 min. $900 $775
  Every additional minute 
  above 10 min.
$150 $125

 Rates: Above rates are guidelines. 
They can vary based upon project and market. Please inquire.
Available to audition for FREE with a section of your copy.

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Voice Demo 3

Voice Demo 3

Voice Demo 3

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Articles I've Contributed :

"Your Voice Print ... Is You!"
by Karen Hutton
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