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Vocal Style:

Warm, sincere, newsy, friendly, authoritative, knowledgeable, credible, rich, sexy, cultured, smooth, bright, fresh, announcer
Vocal Age Range: Young Adult to Middle Age to Senior Citizen
Language: Standard American English (with some dialects)
Audio Formats:  MP3, WAV, AIFF - pretty much any format required
Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Bank Transfer
Average Turnaround: 24 to 48 hours
Location:  San Diego Studio connected worldwide!
Union/Non-Union: SAG/AFTRA (FC)



In-home studio -- ISDN and digital with CD, high speed Internet delivery of sound files in any format. National, regional and local radio and TV commercials, corporate communications, CD-ROM games, educational material, voice mail systems and on-hold messages for major corporations in America and Internationally, VNRs, trade show demos, infomercials, radio and TV announcer, imaging for radio and TV, web pages, audio books.

A background in producing and writing for corporate multimedia helps this pro understand your message and audience which results in a better read -- a better connection. She produces client pleasing results and works well with 6 producers and directors, or alone in self-directed mode.

As a voice acting teacher, Connie is constantly polishing and improving her performances as she works with her students. She is a member of the Media Communications Association-International and is currently on the Board of Directors.

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Clients Include : Bristol-Myers Squibb, Procter and Gamble, US Navy, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, US Postal Service, Maher Terminals, Saks, British Petroleum, Time Warner Cable, Hotel Del Coronado.

Special Skills : Connie is known for her ability to sight read long complex technical material. She also does a lot of pharmaceutical and bio-tech reads.

Store Last Updated: 14th April 2003

  Duration Broadcast Non-Broadcast
  30sec & below $175 $80
  31sec 60sec  $175 $80
  61sec 120sec  $250 $120
  Above 2 min. to 5 min. $475 $475
  Above 5 min. to 10 min. $600 $475
  Every additional minute 
  above 10 min.
$100 $80

Note: My rates vary depending on the project. I will quote per hour, per page, per minute. Fees stated are the minimum for each category.

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"You were a huge hit with the gang....as usual. Thanks."
- Keith Kasnot, Kaz Studios/Inside Productions

"The voice overs that you did for us today were perfect. I cannot thank you enough for your response to our emergency. Someday there will be a statue of you in our lobby, probably gold..."
- Scott Burkett, Lathian Systems

"Client loved the reads. Thanks!!!"
- Dave Case, Case Media TV

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Articles I've Contributed :

"You've Got Your Demo Done ... Now What?"
by Connie Terwillinger
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Acoustic piano piece with modern drum loop. Strings, bass, percussions and bells make up this compelling track.

"The Amethyst"
Hard hitting snare drums penetrated by rousing 
solo guitars and tortured acoustic guitars gives 
this a feeling of triumph.

"Passion Mission"
A sad, romantic tune with the acoustic guitar pouring out its frustrations. Soulful strings & sympathetic percussions support.


"Piano Sway"
Piano starts with solo over walking bass & drums. Nylon string guitar solos in middle before finishing with piano. Energetic, lively piece.

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