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Vocal Style:

Sweet, Sexy, Sultry, Breathy, Smooth, Soothing, Silky, Buttery, Velvet, Elegant, Sassy, Seductive, Professional, Corporate, Sophisticated, Mature, Conversational, Girl-Next Door, Bright, Warm, Clean, Crisp, Clear, Energetic, Fresh, Cute, Maternal, Paternal, Kiddy, Teen, Baby, Gen-X , MTV, Young , Sarcastic, Genuine, Friendly, Fun, Confident, Enthusiastic, Easy Going, Pleasant, Friendly, Sincere, Knowledgeable, Compassionate, Believable, Intimate, Playful, Informative
Vocal Age Range: Ages 4 to 50
Language: American English
Audio Formats:  MP3, WAV, WMA, Any Format Needed
Payment Method:

Pay Pal, Check, Western Union, Credit Cards via Pay Pal
Average Turnaround: Less than 24 Hours
Location:  Worldwide!
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union

Why settle for an average voice when you can have a passionate, vibrant, soothing, and clear voice! As a Voiceover Artist, Amy Lynn does voice overs for Business Presentations, TV, Radio, Adverts, Narrations, Voice Mail Prompts, On-hold Messaging, Phone Greetings, Commercials, Internet Voice-Over, Telephone Answering Systems, Sound for flash, Web Sites, Multimedia CD-ROMs & DVD's, Over Dubbing, Audio books, Cartoons and more. Amy Lynn's youthful yet smooth voice adds that extra flair to any project you may have in mind. Perfectionist by nature Amy Lynn is sure to do a Great job!

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Clients Include : Amy Lynn's Voice Over work includes customers, and organizations from a wide range of business and corporate levels as well as advertising, marketing agencies, internet radio, television, computer games, non-profit groups, and ministries on all levels - worldwide! Actor Access, Voices Pro, Rich Media Worldwide, Almerictech, Ajax Tocco, Askanwi, Amy Lynn's - Voice Overs, Analytical Solutions, Artist Reach, BF Productions, BBS Club, Bible Minis the Computer Game, Bookmarking Demon, Bizflo, Ciao Talents, Confederate Radio, Cool Creative, Dam Productions, Deeb Studios, E-OmniSoft, Email Matters, SetiTrak, Fire Hot Sauces, Flawless Beats, Freneticmemetics, Host-Account, HRB, Hyak Dev, JP Billing, Kafabee Studios, Lux Indrustries, Mimmix Mail, Musixmania Radio, Nagarro Inc, NexAgen, Node 11, OmniSoft, Comets, JobTrak, OmniSoft Solutions, Ocean Shore Resort, Online Productions Studio, OracleJane, Pacific Pro Advertisers, Pacific Pro Designers, Pacific Pro Digital, Pacific Pro Models, Pacific Pro Stylists, Useful Projects LLC, Radio West Fife, Reverb Radio, Rich and Star, Rozglos, Sales Junction, SRC Software, TAGTalent, Telematter, The Embryo, The Lyceum, Time Warner Cable of NE NY, The Ovadose Kid, T&I Services (UK) Ltd, W.R.2.A.H.L. Radio, Vesta Insurance Companies, Walten Financial, Whisper Audio, Wheel Impressions and many more.

Special Skills : Amy Lynn is an award winning writer for Yahoo! Contributor Network. Freelancer by trade, Amy Lynn also does proof reading, and writing of scripts for any of your voice-over needs. Amy Lynn's many skills include web design, and SEO which makes her the only voice artist for the job.

Store Last Updated: 1st April 2011

  Duration Broadcast Non-Broadcast
  30sec & below Flexible Flexible
  31sec 60sec  Flexible Flexible
  61sec 120sec  Flexible Flexible
  Above 2 min. to 5 min. Flexible Flexible
  Above 5 min. to 10 min. Flexible Flexible
  Every additional minute 
  above 10 min.
Flexible Flexible

Others: Depending on what you want I do prices by that, not time. 
My rates are really low so putting them in time limits would be silly.

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"Amy Lynn provides our radio system with everything from official FCC call sign announcements to good humored radio tidbits. She is very responsive to our needs, reasonably priced, timely, and flexible. To summarize; Amy Lynn is both a professional and a breath of fresh air." 
Steve Clary

"Outstanding service! Went an extra mile for customer satisfaction."
M. Badiane

"Amy is a voice talent who responds well to direction and demands the very best from herself. What a refreshing approach." 
Simon of Whisper Audio

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Acoustic piano piece with modern drum loop. Strings, bass, percussions and bells make up this compelling track.

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Hard hitting snare drums penetrated by rousing 
solo guitars and tortured acoustic guitars gives 
this a feeling of triumph.

"Passion Mission"
A sad, romantic tune with the acoustic guitar pouring out its frustrations. Soulful strings & sympathetic percussions support.


"Piano Sway"
Piano starts with solo over walking bass & drums. Nylon string guitar solos in middle before finishing with piano. Energetic, lively piece.

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